Wire Rod


Wire rod is a semi-finished metal bar, usually in round, semi-round, square, rectangular and hexagonal sections, produced by hot rolling and used for cold drawing into coils. It is an alloy of iron and carbon, containing less than 1.8% carbon. Thanks to this structure, it can acquire a wide range of properties with different mechanical and heat treatments. Silicon and manganese steels with high silicon content are used in the manufacture of parts that must withstand impact and abrasion, such as discs, milling cutters and concrete crushers for agricultural machinery. These steels are also preferred in the manufacture of leaf springs due to their high elastic limit and hardness.


  • Construction reinforcement: It is used in stirrup, miter, bevel, pile, piling, bored pile reinforcement.
  • Wire production: It is an effective material in the production of wire mesh, nails and concrete wire.
  • Spring and rope production: It plays an important role in the production of high strength wire spring rope.
  • Fasteners: Used in the manufacture of fasteners such as bolts, nuts and screws.
  • Welding materials: It is a preferred material in the manufacture of welding wire and electrodes.
  • Prestressed Concrete Wire: It is widely used in the manufacture of prestressed concrete wire.