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Iron tells one of the oldest
stories in the world.

ZMS Demir produces iron, one of the oldest stories in the world. It is a unique adventure that stretches from the depths of stardust to the surface of the earth, witnessing the rise of civilisations. Since man first encountered the dark and shiny metal thousands of years ago, iron has been the backbone of bridges, skyscrapers and even works of art. It has shaped not only structures but also the course of history. It has been the key to war and peace, discovery and invention.

Iron carried not only material but also metaphorical power. It became a symbol of determination and endurance, of overcoming difficulties and emerging stronger in the end. Forged by master blacksmiths with fire, water and hammer, iron reminded us that the human spirit is also forged and strengthened in the face of adversity. Just like the adventure of ZMS Demir from its foundation until today…


As ZMS Demir, we raise the bar in quality
and strengthen your projects!

All ZMS Demir products guarantee high standards of quality and performance and add value to your projects.

With a large and modern fleet of vehicles, we cover the whole of Turkey…

We play a leading role in the country’s construction sector by delivering iron to all corners of Turkey. With our large and modern fleet, we offer fast and reliable service to every corner of Turkey. By striving to meet the needs of our customers, we are strengthening our place in the sector day by day as a company built on strong and solid foundations.



ZMS DEMİR has a reputable position among Fortune 500 companies and is strengthening its position day by day with its unique solutions and quality-oriented service approach.