Iron tells one of the oldest
stories in the world.

ZMS Demir produces iron, one of the oldest stories in the world. It is a unique adventure that stretches from the depths of stardust to the surface of the earth, witnessing the rise of civilisations. Since man first encountered the dark and shiny metal thousands of years ago, iron has been the backbone of bridges, skyscrapers and even works of art. It has shaped not only structures but also the course of history. It has been the key to war and peace, discovery and invention.

Iron carried not only material but also metaphorical power. It became a symbol of determination and endurance, of overcoming difficulties and emerging stronger in the end. Forged by master blacksmiths with fire, water and hammer, iron reminded us that the human spirit is also forged and strengthened in the face of adversity. Just like the adventure of ZMS Demir from its foundation until today…

ZMS Demir was established in Izmir in 2009 and has been a great success story not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Since its establishment, it has continued on its path with a strong corporate identity and a solid financial infrastructure. In this way, it has become more than just a success story in the sector and has become an internationally recognized company that carries out wide-ranging projects.

For ZMS Demir, iron is not only a building material, but also a symbol of hope and progress. ZMS Demir, which operates in the reinforcing steel sector and specializes in the supply of iron, has the infrastructure and network to supply reinforcing steel to 81 provinces of our country with its large fleet of vehicles and the employment of qualified personnel.

At the core of ZMS Demir’s success is its Board of Directors and qualified team, who operate with the principles of environmental awareness, uncompromising institutionalism and have built its financial structure on solid foundations. Known in the business world not only for its financial success but also for the importance it attaches to social values and sustainability principles, the company believes that iron symbolizes civilization, culture and progress. For this reason, it continues its activities taking into account its responsibility towards society and the environment in every project and cooperation it undertakes.

ZMS Demir, which is one of the F500 companies and which is strengthening its success with its innovation and leadership in the rebar trade and the project solutions it offers in the sector, is proud to be a part of this history and continues this great adventure with its innovative vision and passion for its business.

Our Vision

As ZMS Demir, our main vision is not only to be a leader in the rebar trade, but also to make our leadership continuous and sustainable with the excellence we have achieved in our products. By shaping our activities with the endless possibilities offered by innovation and technology, our journey to become a brand that offers innovative solutions in our sector continues. Not only do we want to be recognized in the global arena, but we also want to become a preferred, trusted and respected brand. We want to be at the forefront of innovation in the sector, and to make a name for ourselves in the international arena with our understanding of quality and reliability.

Our Mission

As ZMS Demir Family, our main goal is to maximize your satisfaction by exceeding rather than meeting the expectations of our valued customers and business partners by always prioritizing quality and reliability in the reinforcing steel sector. Our main mission is to be a part of projects that contribute to the society and the environment with our innovative thinking, to add value to projects and thus take a leading position in our sector by adding new values to business life. In our journey, we have aimed to realize each project and cooperation opportunity in a way that benefits society and the environment, adopting innovations in the sector and principles of environmental sustainability.