Steel Profile


Steel profiles are produced from hot and cold rolled strip, designed for various industrial and construction applications. These profiles are produced on state-of-the-art machinery with high quality surface finishes suitable for nickel plating and similar coatings and are offered in square, rectangular and various other cross-sectional shapes. The resulting products are characterized by high strength, durability and flexibility. Manufactured in various qualities and sizes according to customer requirements, the profiles are made in accordance with TS EN 10305-5 and TS EN 10219 production standards. CE-certified square profiles offer high protection against corrosion.


  • Building Elements: Roof structures are used as basic building elements in the construction industry.
  • Automotive and supplier industry: It is a preferred material in body and chassis construction.
  • Furniture Industry: It is used in the production of furniture frames and decorative elements.
  • Machinery and agricultural tools: It provides flexibility and strength in the manufacture of machine parts and agricultural tools.
  • Ironwork: Used in door and window frames and ironwork.
  • Shelving and storage systems: Preferred in the manufacture of storage and shelving systems.
  • Roofing and Awning Systems: Provides strength and aesthetics in space roofing and awning structures.
  • Panel Manufacturing: Used in the manufacture of electrical panels and industrial control panels.

Steel profiles meet the needs of modern construction, industrial, automotive and furniture sectors with their excellent mechanical properties and wide range of applications. Thanks to its high protection, profile bars, which offer superior performance against harsh weather conditions and various mechanical loads, provide long-lasting solutions that add value to your projects.